Welcome to The Vault! Here is where I put.... the rest. You know? The books that are dear to my heart, but just don't have what it takes. This introduces characters, helps create new ones, or just seemed epic enough to be on the internet. These stories are kinda just parts of stories. They might be just the beginning, or straight out of the middle! Either way, I MIGHT just think about moving these stories to the Books page where they will have the potential to be published if enough people like them! So check them out and enjoy yourself!

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           So don't judge me, this is my first movie I've ever written. I think it turned out pretty well for a first time, but after talking about it with my professor, there's definitely things I'm going to change for draft two... granted there IS a draft two. I really like the idea for this movie. Here you go! CLICK ME!!

          Apparently I'm a parent who plays favorites. Jace is a great character, but I think he plays best as an offset for Ivan's more outgoing personality. That's why I'm casting him as Nightlurker in my current project, Street Ninja. Sadly, I have moved all of Jace's works to The Vault. If you would like to read the script for the pilot episode, Under Cover, CLICK ME!! If you would like to read Armored Ninja, CLICK ME!!

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