These are some of the books I'm working on. I'm actually writing a lot more than this, but these are the ones that have the "potential" to be published someday. You know, after they are completed, revised, edited, revised again, edited again, and so on and so forth. After I complete an entire book on here in draft form, (however likely that is...) I will remove it to be edited further and send it in to be published! EEEEE!! XD So read up on them while you can! Before you'll have to purchase an actual copy of the book!

          Hey, to everyone who’s going to read these!!! I just wanted to say a couple things before you actually get into the books.

          First, all these works are drafts. If you feel like anything should be changed, just e-mail me at Since all of these are drafts, they're still pretty flexible if you think things should be added or removed or whatever.

          Second.... Bwahahahaaa! Newsflash! I own the rights for all of my books! Huzzah! So don't even think about stealing it! I'm a very lenient person, though. You can pretty much do what you like with these... Except take these stories and publish them as your own. Because that would pretty much be the saddest thing ever. So be nice! Akay? =)

          Third, the characters in these books are ENTIRELY fictional. People who have read these before have asked me who they are in the books, and I have to tell them that although descriptions of them might be similar, there are no connotations between them whatsoever. I do not do this because it might offend some people, so I make the characters in here up from scratch. I usually describe people by saying their hair and eye color. It’s my style of writing. But please don’t think that I’m writing about you or anyone else.

          Fourth, these are merely the beginnings. I promise you that there really is going to be more action in these! There will be TONS of action, and all that juicy stuff, so just hang in there! I’m still writing about it!

          Fifth, these drafts are on Word Pad. And that might mean you’ll be able to… edit. You know, change some words here and there or something like that. I really hope nobody does, and if you do, that you’ll ask me first. I really trust you guys by posting this on here, and I hope that you’ll be really really careful! Remember: I do own the rights for my stuff, so BE CONSIDERATE!

          And lastly, these books just so happen to be the greatest and best books that you’ll ever read. Even if these drafts may seem a little iffy. I’d really appreciate it if these points are taken into account. And I really hope nobody’s going to steal them! Although I highly doubt that anyone will. So please, read this draft and tell me what you think! You can e-mail me at the address on here. If you have questions or comments or anything, feel free to do so!

          Well, enjoy! =)

          This first one is one I really like. It's about this 17 year old boy named William Duncan who has a big family secret. He and his family members are psychic. William wants to be like a normal person but has fallen in love with his classmate, April Palmer. With psychic killers on the loose and a crazy cousin always getting him into trouble, it seems like William's life can never be normal! CLICK ME!!

           Erik Felton is a Dimensionist. He can manipulate matter to his liking. But manipulation comes at a cost. The cost is energy. Manipulation requires physical energy. It drains physical energy from the user in some way, shape or form. His beloved brother Robert has enlisted in Ziff's Army; a band of dimensionists set to take over the land of Arbei. Erik has done everything he can think of to stop Ziff's Army and get his brother back, but to no avail. Erik decides to fling himself far into the future to a time where he'd be able to get Ziff more vulnerable, but not before he has his entire memory wiped away... CLICK ME!!

           Ta Daaa! Another book! This was made for my English class as a re-telling of the story of the gingerbread man! It's in comic book form, which is kind of a different approach for me. I hope you like it! =)  CLICK ME!!

            There! Another comic book! Sorry about the scan quality. Just got me a hand-me-down scanner and I'm still figuring out how to use it. This one is a condensed version. It's kinda like a skeleton of a comic book. So the filler for the stories is on its way. Enjoy! CLICK ME!!

            Here's a new story! I got to thinking. There's so much vampire stuff out there, but is there enough Grim Reaper stuff? I mean hey, the Grim Reaper could be a perfectly charming fellow, and we would have no idea! So I decided to do him justice and put him in the limelight for a little while. Here is a story of Ivan Daynes's encounter with the Grim Reaper himself. CLICK ME!!

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