If you want to write your own book but don't know how to begin, you've come to the right place! On this page, I'll give you lots of pointers and tips from writing experts on how to begin your own story! Be it a novel, short story, screenplay, play, I don't care! This is the place to be!

          Here are ten basic questions you should be able to answer in order to determine if your story is going to be interesting! If it isn't, you could use these questions to make it better!

          1. What does your main character want?

          If you can't answer this question, then you should probably think about it. This is the main focus of the story. This is the skeleton of your story. The rest is what makes it interesting.

          2. Why can't the main character have what he/she wants?

          This is the problem. There needs to be a problem or there wouldn't be a story to tell. If everything worked out great then it would be really boring and there would be no point in reading it.

          3. What would happen if the main character didn't get what he/she wanted?

          This is the tie. This is what readers are afraid will happen. It's your job to lead them in this direction before coming to your awesome ending that solves everything in the end! It's what makes the book interesting!

          4. What does your main character learn? How does he/she grow in the story?

          This is really important. You need to have a plan of what the moral of the story is. What does the reader walk away from the story with? There could be more than one lesson to learn, but be sure you know what it is. This is another way your main character grows in the story.

          5. What additional trials does the main character face?

          This is some more filler for the story. These are the things that make your character stronger as he/she goes through these trials and learns from them. People can relate to characters in the story if they have some unexpected hardships. It's a part of life.

          6. When does it appear hopeless?

          This is the gripping part of the story. This is the part the readers knew was coming, but never expected it to happen this way. This is what keeps the reader gripping the book in their hands yelling, "You can make it, Buddy! You can make it!" This is the bad climax. There are two climaxes to every story. The good climax and the bad climax. The bad one comes first so the book can end on a happier tone. This climax is where the reader can't imagine how the story can ever turn out to have a happy ending, but they have to keep reading so they can find out.

          7. Does the main character get what he wants?

          This question could go either way. Usually, the answer would be yes, but sometimes, it's no. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a happy ending. Sometimes, the main character goes through his/her adventure and realizes that he/she didn't want what they thought they wanted, but something deeper and more fulfilling. This is usually where the lesson in the story is learned.

          8. How does the main character win in the end?

          This is the part where the reader says, "Hooray! You did it, Buddy! You beat the bad guy and won!" This is the good climax. This is where, in an incredible turn of events, the main character triumphs over evil. (And where the reader does a little victory dance.) ^-^

          9. How does the story lead to the end?

          This is how the story "wraps it up". This is when you find out what happened after the incredible good climax. Usually it tells about the main character as well as some of the supporting characters. This is where you basically say, "And they all lived happily ever after." in a more elaborate and descriptive way. The reader can relax now, knowing that the main character has everything going for him/her and life is great. This is also an excellent place to make something unexpected happen to the main character if you wish to make a series or sequel to this book.

          10. What are your main character's flaws?

          This isn't really a plot line question, this is more of a character development question. I know this is in a totally different ballpark, but this is a question I often struggle with. I want my main character to be someone likable, someone perfect! But in reality, it's character flaws that give realism and likeability to your characters! It could be anything from being stubborn to hating chocolate! A good example is Iron Man. That guy is sooo arrogant! Yet everyone loves him anyways because deep down, he's actually a good guy. Have fun!

          So this is the basic outline to a story. Almost every book follows this outline. So get writing! Also, you can submit previews of your work for everyone to see right here on this website! Just type it up on a notepad document and e-mail it to kriss.miss21@gmail.com! I'll be sure to post it here in Books! Be sure to put your name so I can credit it to you! Have fun writing!

          Disclaimer: Just to let you know, I didn't come up with these writing points. I heard them in my Creative Writing class and I thought it would be pretty useful for anyone writing. I can't remember the name of the person who came up with these, I just don't want to get sued for plagiarism. Plagiarism is never a good idea, folks. I wouldn't recommend it. NOT GOOD.

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