Have you ever wanted a book written, but don't have the time? Or maybe you're already writing a book, but you're stuck on something?  Or perhaps you've been reading my books and have found something you would change? Be it spelling errors, or plot changes? Well, look no further! This is where you can e-mail me!


          Have you ever heard of DeviantArt? I hadn't either, until about a year ago. It is a collection of art made by thousands of people! Some are just starting out, others are legit artists that have made well-known works! I found the guy who drew Ariel for The Little Mermaid! So I became a member of this glorious universe, and have created several works myself. Most of which WILL NOT BE POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE!! I have cover art for stories that I've only just begun, random doodles of your favorite little Ivan ever, and much more! If you want to see the art I'm creating for Street Ninja, or want to laugh at my poor use of photoshop, then this is the place to go! Welcome to DeviantArt!

          I also have a facebook page for my website! It's called Kristi's Books! (Haha! What a surprise!) Go and like it if you want! Click HERE to get to my page! 

          So there you have it! If you would also like, you can e-mail me and ask for notifications when updates are made to the website! Enjoy!

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