The forum is now (and forever) closed. I can't tolerate when inappropriate content is posted on my website, so I had to take away the temptation for those who are too immature to use the internet like smart people. My apologies.

          A new page! Yaaaay! But this isn't like the other pages on this site! No, this is a BLOG! Woooww! Go ahead! Check out my Blog! I can't promise it will be as interesting as my books, but every author's gotta keep one, yes?

          I would like to extend a congratulations to myself for completing season one of my television show script, Street Ninja! *Pat myself on the back!* As an extra accomplishment, season two is almost completed as well! I am now prepared to say that there will be six seasons total, all of which consist of ten episodes. (Not in the mood to write filler episodes to bring up that number right now.) So, enjoy! Remember: If I am able to get this idea into the hands of someone who can turn this script into a real show, I will remove it from the website completely! So enjoy it while you can!

          Screenplays has been refurbished! =) I wasn't too happy with how all of my screenplays (since there are so many...?) were going to squish into one page, so I made a separate link for each screenplay. There you go!

          Separate links are popular today! I made my Books page more organized by making separate links for all my books! Yaay!

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