Welcome to the newest and probably most fun page! This is where I'm going to post first drafts of my screenplays! I took a screenwriting class while here in college and it literally CHANGED MY LIFE! I absolutely love writing screenplays! So I will share them with all of you because you guys are awesome! Please enjoy!

          So there's a couple technical terms in screenplays that would be useful to know. Screenplays are basically made up of four things. (At least, mine are.) These four things are INT./EXT., Description, Character, and Dialogue. This describes whether the shot is taking place inside or outside. Interior, Exterior, simple as that. It also entails the location and time of day after that. This describes what is taking place in the scene. Usually, what the main characters are doing, and a brief description of the surroundings. This describes who is talking next. It is in all caps, is just a name, and the dialogue of the character appears directly beneath. This is what is being said by the character. It appears in smaller margins than action, so you can tell the difference easier. There! Those are the basic rules of scripts! There are two other things I use in my scripts that are useful to know. There are (V.O.) and (O.S.). This stands for Voice Over. It means it is not being spoken by the character, but dictated anyways, usually as thoughts or invisible characters. Ghosts and what-not. This stands for Off Screen. It means the character is present, but not in the current shot.

           SURPRISE!! This is my special gift to all of you! I am writing a script for a super hero television show! It is titled... *drumroll* STREET NINJA!! Be prepared to be bombarded with episodes that are completed! This is by far the most complex and involved idea I've had... probably ever! So check it out! Updates will be MANY! This show is practically writing itself! CLICK ME!!

          For the time being, I'm letting Street Ninja be the only screenplay on this page. He is special. He is my life's work! I am working exclusively on this screenplay because I'm worried if I start something else, I'll lose interest in this. And I don't want to lose interest in this. So this might be the only page with updates for the next foreseeable future.

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