The script! The script! Here it is! Oh, aren't you just so excited?! Cliffhanger, I know, but still! It's marvelous, no? =D

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          Here is the artwork for the screenplay, just so you guys can get a feel for the characters! Enjoy!

          Here he is! Our leading role! Optimistic, super strong, and freakin' adorable! I know, I know, he looks like Dir and Lightning Fox, but to be perfectly honest, I like Ivan best. He's wearing a cute little scarf! Awwww! *0*

If I could have any actor in the world play the voice of Ivan, I would probably choose Vic Mignogna. Google him. Epic.

          In all honesty, I should've done a separate drawing for each of these. Here goes, short and sweet. Gyro is a mean old wizard, Leno was cut from the script, =( Anya is the beautiful princess in peril, Niko is Ivan's adorable pet dragon, Erik is the tiny tough guy. =D

          Gyro could possibly be played by Chris Sarandron. (Prince Humperdinck/Jack Skellington's speaking voice.) Mandy Moore would play as Anya. Dee Bradley Baker would play Niko. (Perry the Platypus) And Erik would by played by Patton Ozwalt (Ratatouille; Remy)

          Stayed up late one night with a pen and some paper and this guy showed up. YEESH! I promise I'm not this creepy. It's kinda awesome in a freakish way. This guy is Dagon. Ruler of the dead and official havoc wrecker. He's pretty much this world's equivalent of Satan. He looks kinda awesome in an extremely bloodthirsty and evil way. This guy's goal is to ruin the very fabric of the universe, because he wants everyone to be dead so he can rule them. Basically.

          Anywho! I want Vin Diesel to play this guy. He has an awesome low voice and his work with "Iron Giant" was excellent. We could totally doctor this guy's voice to sound like the ruler of Hell. It'll be awesome.

          Now, these two, I could've put on the same page! Gosh! This is the terrible twosome, Gog and Magog. Gog is the master of strategy. He used to be an honorable knight, but fell from grace and became Dagon's right hand man. Magog is all about strength. The number one beat-the-living-daylights-out-of-you guy. He aspires to be as evil as Dagon one day. Together, these two make the ultimate fighting team and are virtually invincible. Thankfully, these two hate each others' guts, and would rather chew off their own arms than be with one another. 

          Gog would be played by Jonathan Freeman. (Jafar.) And Magog would be played by Miguel Ferrer. (Shan Yu from Mulan.)

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