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          Here's the backgrounds of the main characters so you can understand them better. I only have the first episode finished and I'm working on the next few, so here's the main characters. They're all pretty awesome! =)

          James Livingston was presumed dead after his family's mansion burned to the ground, and his was the only body not recovered. After running away from the smoldering remains of Livingston Manor, James upped his survival skills by joining a gang. James acquired skills in fighting, stealth, and how criminals think. Years later, James returned to the surface, under the alias Jace Barton. In order to catch the man who killed his family, Jace works at the Weston State Police Station and has special access to any cases that come in with Black Arson as the culprit.

          Black Arson is the mysterious and elusive serial killer who burned Jace's family and livelihood to the ground. Fueled by vengeance, Jace is always on the search to deal him justice.

          Jace is charismatic, gentlemanly, and very smart. Unfortunately, he is well aware of all these things, and causes him to be slightly vain. He also believes that the police office is too serious, and often goofs off to "liven things up", much to Lizzie's dismay.

          Elizabeth Carter was a childhood friend of James Livingston. Dismayed by his "death", Lizzie vowed that she would become a crime fighter to prevent such tragedies from happening again. After joining the Weston State Police Force, she quickly climbed the ladder of success and became second only to the Chief himself. Soon after, Jace Barton emerged. The two were reunited, but Jace made her promise she would keep his true identity a secret.

          Lizzie is part albino, giving her deep red eyes. She is intelligent and obeys every command her superiors give her to exactness. She often ends up "babysitting" Jace to keep him out of trouble. As much as the two annoy each other, they would protect the other with their very lives.

          Alexander Pence is the Chief of Police in the Weston State Police Force. He is one of the few people who knows about Jace Barton's true identity.  James Livingston saved the officer's life by tackling a criminal who had Xander at gunpoint. Recognizing the young one's potential, Xander offered him a job as a cop, which James readily accepted, changing his name to Jace.

          Xander is cool and calm, and puts up with Jace's unorthodox methods of catching criminals because of his trust in Jace's skill. He seldom gets annoyed with Jace's often immature actions, but Jace is always testing the boundaries.

          Missy Ford is the heart of the unit. She is sweet and caring. She, like Jace, lost her family when she was very young. She has no memories of her family. The earliest she can remember is growing up in an orphanage in Easton. She has one green eye and one blue eye. She is the youngest member of the unit, but is also one of the smartest. She is very tech savvy and the team relies on her for most of the information found for their investigations.

          Jace is very protective of Missy. Jace had always wanted a sibling, especially a little sister. So when he joined the unit and met Missy, the two instantly bonded in a brother/sister relationship. 

          In her spare time, Missy enjoys working with the latest in electronics. Because of this, she is very introverted and shy.

          Chadwick Smith is  the newest member of the unit. He previously worked as a security guard at the Weston Museum, but the job wasn't exciting enough for him. He transferred to police work, where Jace makes every case exciting in some way. Jace is Chad's role model, but Chad is too shy to behave just like him.

          Chad has learned how to live by himself from an extremely young age. Coming from abusive parents, Chad left his house at twelve and went to live with his aunt and uncle. At sixteen, he left from there to take care of himself. Chad has a strong sense of justice, and is also extremely physically fit. Jace is only slightly stronger than him.

          Chad also has a soft spot for Missy, but is too shy to confront her about it.

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