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           This is a picture of some of the important characters in The Armored Ninja. 1. This is Raz, or Jace, as he later calls himself. He's a pretty happy guy, despite his past, and he's much much stronger than he looks! Watch out! 2. This is Vinn. He's one of my absolute favorites to draw. He's a robot that was rescued by Jace in one of his many adventures. Vinn vows to stay with Jace and help him in whatever way he can. The two become very good buddies. As you can see, he gets stressed out a lot. 3. This is Elizabeth. She's an albino fox that works with Jace and has a secret crush on him. ;) (Note: The only reason some of her fur is pink is because she dyes it to match her eyes better.) 4. This is Raz as a youngin'. Remember that Raz and Jace are the same person. Adir is the green one in the back, and Zeki is the blue one. I like this pic because you can see kinda the way they act together.

the armored ninja.jpg the armored ninja.jpg
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           This is The Armored Ninja. Jace wears this armor because the story is set in kinda a futuristic setting. The visor he's wearing is made of Plexiglas to protect his eyes. I also love his sword. I did this in red pen, but it turned out so cool that I did it over with black so that you guys can see it better. I didn't have time to color it, though. I might later. If anyone wants to, they can color it themselves. I'd like to see what people come up with. You can send me a copy via e-mail, and it might even take the place of this one! Enjoy!

Zula-titus.png Zula-titus.png
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           This is Titus! The ghost sorcerer that possesses poor Zula! I don't know why, but he is super fun to draw! He's just so awesome! I drew this while listening to "I don't care" by Fall Out Boy. It kinda turned into his theme, song I think. Here he is!

don't do it!.png don't do it!.png
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           This is part of the beginning of The Armored Ninja. Zula joins forces with Titus the Ghost Sorcerer so that he can learn to do magic. But this backfires because Titus takes advantage of Zula and uses him for evil purposes! 

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