Hello! I'm back with part two of my Family Foundations project! Today, I want to talk about doing things as a family. This is a great way to strengthen family ties and stay a happy and together family. In my family, we enjoy going out and doing silly things. All of us like laughing together, and we all have our own unique sense of humor. Doing things as a family is great to learn more about each other, and interact with each other. To me, this has become even more important as the years pass, because I want to keep in touch with my siblings as they grow up, and catch up on what is happening in their lives. My parents love having as many of the siblings together as possible, and I have learned to love this as well. We always have a great time. One instance that comes to mind, is when we all went to the movies together. While we entered, I noticed this sign: 

So, naturally, my family proceeded to take this picture:

Everyone is frowning, except for my father. I'm not quite sure what that face means. If you can't tell already, we are a family of strange facial expressions. Doing these silly things together may sound odd, but it brings us closer as a family, because we all have fun doing things like this. Participating in family events is important, and can be lots of fun!