This is probably going to be the best blog post I've ever written! I was walking back to my place after finishing a class. I usually look at the ground as I walk, as it's icy and I ALWAYS fall if I'm not paying attention. This time, though, I'm glad I looked up! I lifted my eyes from the boring grey of concrete, and what did I see? A young man listening to music on his iPod.
    Usually, this is a pretty common sight, but this time, it would make my day! I saw him a few feet ahead of me before it dawned on me that something wasn't normal. I realized that this man was actively dancing! Not just bobbing his head up and down, I'm talking arms flailing, leaping, spinning, a look of sheer joy on his face. I almost laughed out loud! It was like Gene Kelly was back for round two of Singing in the Rain, minus the blue suit and umbrella.
    I walked behind him, not sure what to do. Should I continue walking lamely behind him, pretending I couldn't see his antics, or should I start dancing myself? Maybe we'd start a parade or something. The closer I got to my apartment, the more surprised I was that he seemed to be heading the same way I was! I was practically home!
    We crossed the street, he, dancing his little heart out, and I, glancing at cars waiting for us to cross. I wondered what they must have thought. I finally had to put a hand over my mouth so he wouldn't see the ginormous grin smudged across my face as he twirled around.
    Finally, we parted ways. I returned my focus to not falling over, but had to look back at him one more time. He had run into someone he knew, and stopped dancing on the spot. They had a short conversation, (of which I couldn't hear a word) and she gave him a quick hug before continuing her trek to campus. As soon as she turned her back to him, he was back to dancing. I smiled again as I headed home.