Not too much going on lately, but I feel it is important to write in my blog. I guess it's hard-wired into English Majors to write often. I just can't keep away from a computer or pen and paper for very long. Is anyone else like that? I've also found that I hate pencils. I guess it's because I'm left handed. My hand drags over what I've just written and the lead gets smudged over the paper and my hand and wrist! My friends call it silver hand disease. That's why I always either type or use a pen. Sure, most pens don't have erasers, (the good ones don't, in any case!) but I just scribble out what I messed up on and try again.
    Not trying to get philosophical or anything, but I think it kind of applies to life, you know? We make mistakes in this life, but we can't erase it from our lives. Nor should we want to. We need to keep that inky scribble and be able to see it. Or we won't learn from our mistakes. If we just erase it and pretend it never happened, what have we learned? To get a better eraser because pencils aren't adequately equipped? Okay, I'm off my soap box now. Oh! I learned the meaning of that phrase this week! A soap box was often used for public speakers in the old days. They would stand on a soap box in a public place and share their opinion. That's where that saying comes from. Pretty cool, eh? Well, I've gotta run to class. I promise I'll come up with something interesting to share next time! Toodles!