Halloween is descending upon us like the frigid weather proclaiming the coming of winter! And you know what that means... random pumpkins strategically placed on statues around campus! Don't believe me? Take a look! You can tell that he's thinking hard about that pumpkin smiling up at him. "I wonder how long this will take to rot in my lap?" Then the other statue's like, "Oh, shut up, Thinker. I'm trying to study!"
And this little guy, who we librarians affectionately refer to as Cristopher Robin, is just so excited to be reading a Halloween book! And that pumpkin is just so excited to be sitting on the stack of Christopher's books, hoping that the early chill in the air will hasten his decay before the kid can read him another one of those books! At least he's happy about it, right?
     Well, that's enough of me trying to be funny. I suggest that all of you who are on campus today try and find all the pumpkins! I hear there's one for each statue! Have a happy Halloween, everyone!