Today, I want to talk about something that is not generally thought of when it comes to strengthening families. I want to talk about celebrating each other. I know that when I accomplish something important in my life, it makes it that much better if those I love are equally excited about my accomplishments with me. Celebrating someone else makes them feel special and cared about. Soon after my husband and I were first married, it was his birthday. The night before, I secretly decorated our apartment so that he would be surprised when he woke up. Little did I know that the birthday sign had a typo:

I was miffed. Here I had gone to all the trouble, and the sign was spelled wrong. This sense of failure was quickly replaced by joy when my husband walked right up to the sign and pointed at the extra 'h'. He pointed at it and said, "This is going to become a running joke in our family!" He was delighted with the sign, and asked if we could keep it, rather than throw it away. Jacob felt very special that I had decorated the apartment with him, and I felt special knowing that it made Jacob happy. We as married couples need to realize that a way to help our spouses know that we love them is by simply being there for them and celebrating in their triumphs. This is a great self-esteem booster, and it's a lot of fun.