So for this week, I'm going to share some things that I think are important when it comes to families. This is an assignment for my Family Foundations class, but I think this project will be beneficial to my blog as well as to my class.
So today, I want to talk about expressing love for your spouse. I have been married for half a year, now. And my husband and I are starting to wonder if we will ever get out of our honeymoon phase. We are always happy to see each other, to hold each other's hands, and simply look at each other. We are the kind of couple that people make fun of, and I love it. An example of the way my husband shows his love for me is this:

We often do things like this while in school, when we have to go separate ways for our classes. I love this, because it just shows that my husband is thinking about me. I know it's not a very flattering picture of either of us, but I love it all the same. A happy marriage is more than just loving your spouse, it is expressing that love by what you do and say.
Well, that's all I've got for today! Come back tomorrow for the next addition to my project!