Yeah, this title is odd, but they're both true!
     FIrst up, eggs.Aren't they cute?! I hard boiled my eggs, and realized I was faced with a problem: All my roomate's and my eggs looked the same. How would we tell them apart? I didn't want to break open and egg to eat and have it be raw! So I got out my colored pencils and drew these adorable little faces on them! This was good because people who opened the refrigerator would usually say, "Awwww!" and their day would be brightened. =) This was bad because they were just too cute to eat! I eventually did eat them all, but I did it with a heavy heart.
     Next, mustache!How's that?! I think I actually sport a mustache pretty well! Concidering I'm a girl, and all! While working for the sumer in Arizona, we had some days off to do with what we would. My friends and I took a stop at Del Taco to eat some delicious Mexican food! I turn around after I order, and there's a vending machine with mustaches in it! I couldn't help myself. I bought two! Then I wore it around for the rest of the day and got plenty of strange looks! Hooray for being awesome!
     Anways, It's been a long day, so enjoy the photos and see you next time!