That's right! Step right up and look at the unique and interesting cars we have in store for you today! First up, we have this!

     For the manly man, we have a pick-up truck with antlers! This car just screams manly! (It actually kinda creeps me out a little...)
     Next up, a completely original paint job!

     For all you candy lovers out there, you can now have a literal sugar rush! Please drive responsively. (Does this look like a creeper van to anyone else?!)
     Do you have a taste for the old-fashioned? Well, we've got just the thing for you!

     This vintage gem is sure to turn heads! (Do you see the Big Gulp in the cup holder?)
     But wait! There's more! Is your car not lively enough for you? Then you need this!

     Herbie the Love Bug was so lively, we were only able to snag this passing photo. The little guy sure is camera shy!
     Great Scott! Everyone needs a car like this one, amirite?

     Yesiree! We have actual time machines in stock now. Complete with a flux capacitor, and all the works! Get yours today!
     Okay, I'm done pretending to be a car salesman. (Or trying to, at least.) These are all cars that I have seen in passing. Everything from Herbie, who I found at Wal-Mart in Idaho Falls, to the Time Machine, who I found at Jacob Lake Inn, Arizona. (And that time machine did have the works, by the way. It was an exact replica from the movies.) Just goes to show that you'll never know what you might find on your adventures throughout the day! Keep your eyes peeled and a camera handy!