Hello! It's me again! Today, I want to talk about being respectful of your family members. The other day while in the bookstore, I saw this book:

This book is a joke, of course. It has "important tips for husbands" that include things like, "Don't make elephant sounds when your wife walks into the room." While this book is mostly for humor, there is also something to be said for it. In order to have a happy marriage, spouses need to learn how to treat and respect each other. Especially if one of them is seven months pregnant. My brother and his wife recently found out that they are expecting, and it has been a growing experience for both of them. Treating your family members with respect is not just treating them the way they treat you, but treating them the way you want to be treated. We must keep this in mind, because that will better our perspective of the treatment we give our siblings and spouses. See you next time!