Hello, everyone! I decided to take a minute and talk a little about my life! Specifically, my job working at the David O. McKay Library. It's a really great place to work. The job assignments are fairly simple and routine, my coworkers are awesome, and my boss is the nicest boss I ever had!
    I started working here a couple years ago, somewhere around August of 2010. I've moved up the ladder a little, learned a lot, and made a lot of friends. Some of the most useful skills to have while working at the library are exquisite number and letter skills. This sounds really simple, but putting books away on the shelves correctly can get complicated if you aren't paying attention! We use the Library of Congress shelving system here, rather than Dewey Decimal. Another useful skill is computer familiarity. If you know the basics of computers, you'll be fine. If you are a computer expert, you're practically a shoe-in! There are a lot of computers in the library that always need fixing, and although there is a specific department that's supposed to fix computers, the complaints come directly to us. It's a lot easier for us to run over and fix it, rather than call someone else, wait, and finally get the problem fixed.
    I started here as a Green Vest. This is a very broad term, which practically means, "Anyone who works the main desk". In truth, there are employees here who have different colored vests. Anywhere from green, blue, navy, and maroon. There used to be a difference in job descriptions for people with different colored vests, but we've moved away from that. Any vest is anyone. My job was to work the main desk. I would check out books, check in books, shelve books, find missing books, and re-shelve mis-shelved books. It was simple, repetitive, and the people I interacted with were awesome.
    Wanting to learn all the different positions of the library I could, I was next assigned as an Inter-Library Loan worker. It was a lot of fun in the back. We would play music, tell jokes, box up books, and mail them to different parts of the country. It was a little more technical than being a green vest, but luckily, I had a computer nerd for a supervisor. Needless to say, as fun as that position was, I quickly decided it was time to learn a new position.
    So I became a Personal Assistant! It is the position I currently hold, and it's a lot of fun. We do a little more of the background work that goes into running a library. We take care of the CDs and DVDs that get checked in and out of the library. We maintain order, basically. We also, with our further experience in running a library, help the new recruits to learn their positions more efficiently. We also do little things, like sending damaged books up to be fixed, doing odd jobs for the faculty, and completing projects assigned to us by our boss.
    My specific duty is scrap booking. Its a fun job, I get to cut, glue, and stick pictures of us library workers being awesome together into pages of our scrap book. It's really fun to thumb through and see us throughout the years. Halloween parties, hide and seek antics, messing around with the skeleton models, it's a lot of fun. I'm also a bit of a historian. I look through the newspapers that the college prints out and find articles that have to do with the library, or the students who work here. I cut them out and arrange the articles and pictures on pages and keep them for students to look at, and see how awesome we are. =)
    That's basically my job. I'm hoping to one day make it to Supervisor. I'm a replacement supervisor right now, taking over when the real supervisor has to leave, but once I become a real one, I'll get the name plate and everything! It'll be awesome! Well, it's high time I got to work! Later, readers! Peace out!